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Interview: Laura Chaplin – a varied woman

18.05.2017 | QLT Redaktion

Laura Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin – a woman, who campaigns for laugh and humor in the world. Whether for a charity event, with the aid of her book „Laughter is the first step towards happiness“, her charity „Charlie Smile“ or her own art, Laura always tries to make the world a better and happier place.

QLT: I learnt you are an artist beside your literal career: Can you tell us more about your art and what kind it is? Please describe also: What does it mean to you? And what are the main motifs you paint?

LC: I paint the things I love, the things that make me happy. Things that I am passionate about, that inspire me. I have my three main themes: Horses (I like to express the grace and power of these animals), Lady Silhouettes (The anatomy of a woman and her natural forms are so sensual and pleasing to look at that it makes such beautiful art), Charlie Chaplin (Painting his portrait brings me that close bond that I have always dreamed of). I like to paint what talks to me. I do not follow a specific theme and prefer to have a free mind to create things that represented my desires, my emotions in the life I lead. This represents the person I am. So sometimes I like to do paintings that come out of my three principle themes, but of course have a close tie with the love I have for nature, music, animals and the need to spread happiness.


QLT: It is a great honour to bear the famous name ‚Chaplin‘: How has the name influenced your career?

LC: It certainly is a honour! I am a huge fan of his just like most people. He has been a huge influence in my life, where ever I go people will refer to him. His determination to make the world a better place, his hard work and courage I admire completely! His humanitarian work, the way he always gave back, he was a humble man who kept his values. I mean there are so many ways that he influences me with his incredible artistic input! Making something tragic seem so pointless, making the world smile and fall in love with a Tramp is extraordinary especially in his time!

QLT: What is the main thing, you have learned from your grandfather?

LC: I think the thing is to believe in yourself no matter what, do what you are passionate about, what makes you feel happy! A quote of his which is my favorite moto ‚A day without laughter is a day wasted‘.

QLT: Horses and horse-riding are a big part of your life. What are the things you admire the most when being with them?

LC: The team work, the exchange one can have with a horse is amazing! Their power and elegance, an animal which helped us evolve to where we are to this day. I feel free when I am on my horse. There is no need for words, our actions are what connect us. It is very exciting and moving, one cannot predict or demand these animals, with love and patience one can achieve anything!

QLT: You are a patroness of a kindergarten with speech impaired kids: What do you feel when you see those little kids who do not have much to laugh? And how do you try to help them? Do you have one key experience when working with those kids?

LC: It makes me sad to see that at such a young age they are already struggling as communication is essential for our wellbeing today! Especially in a world today where people are rushed and don’t give you much time! But thank god for this project, it will help for their future wellbeing! I hope to bring awareness to the importance of positive expression through an artistic approach such as the clowns. Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere! The key experience I have is that kids will open up through laughter and their joy, not through their fears or sorrows. Once you have them laughing their minds open up, it has such a positive effect not only on their minds but also their body!

QLT: Please explain: What is the central idea or statement of your charity „Charlie Smile“?

LC: Charlie Smile is an organisation to promote laughter and humour worldwide and to intervene when laughter and humour are threatened. It defends all people who are persecuted for bringing laughter into other people’s lives. The charity launches campaigns to bring back more laughter and humour into people’s everyday lives: at work, at school and everywhere.

QLT: You wrote a book called „Laughter is the first step towards happiness“. Can you sum it up for our readers: What is the book about? And what is the message? Who or what was your motive / inspiration for writing it?

LC: It’s a book about my experiences with laughter, I go meet specialist to prove the beneficial effects laughter has on us such as doctors, nutritionalists, humanist, clinic clowns and people who actually healed themselves through laughter. There are many tips on how laughter improves our mind and body. I start it off from my childhood carefree life in my grandfather’s home, then to where the idea came from through the foundation ‚Moi pour Toit‘ to which I am godmother to. A foundation I went to visit for the first time in 2011 and which changed my life, which motivate me to write this book. There are also some anecdotes of my grandfather, the man who made the world smile :-)

Text and questions: Anja Deutschmann

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